Gap Analysis.

Improved perception [understanding] of the region's status in terms of institutional, technical and human capacity.

Enabling Environment.

Establish/reinforce the regional and national land management systems by providing appropriate climate change oriented legal and institutional frameworks.

Technical and Human Capacity.

Build the human and technical capacity required to effectively operate and manage the required technical tools for the collection, storage, coordination, analysis and display of geospatial data necessary to support the decision-making process in delivering SLM policies and strategies.

Participatory Approach.

Conduct harmonized awareness campaigns at regional and national level that will highlight the risks, threats and opportunities arising from climate change with a view to building a durable and constructive partnership between the Governments, local administrations, land management offices, civil society and private sector.


Implement best practice interventions to safeguard our resources and assets from the effects of climate change and to demonstrate sustainable land management practices across multiple sectors and thematic areas.